Uplifting music
to heal the soul

Isabelle was born and raised in Quebec. At the age of twelve, she began playing transverse flute, in which she found a shelter and from that moment on, her live revolved around her instrument. She pursued studies in music attending the Conservatoire of Music of Quebec in Chicoutimi as well as the University of Trois-Rivières. Along her path, Isabelle cultivated the dream of becoming a concert performer. At the end of her university studies, she developed a major jaw problem, completely inhibiting her from playing. Being forced to end everything, Isabelle saw her dream collapse.

Afterwards, she taught flute for many years and the opportunity came for her to launch a first series of concerts at the Maison des Arts de Laval. She achieved great success and the municipality of Laval proposed her to found her own organization; Arts et Spectacles de Laval was thus born in 1989.

At the age of forty, after having been through a succession of grave problems and being completely hopeless, the Lord stretched out His hand towards Isabelle and she never was the same person again. He also saved her three children who were suffering from serious problems. A few months later, as she believed she would never play flute again, she started playing anew by obedience to the Lord.

Isabelle now plays for the Lord and for the hopeless. She reaches people’s heart conveying hope with God’s anointing on her music and the powerful testimony of her life. It is undoubtedly God’s grace that allows her to play as her jaw problem still persists.

The purpose of her life is now to demonstrate that, in Jesus alone, life and hope can revive.

God has put in Isabelle’s heart the vision of an instrumental disk as she was being asked about the idea of producing such a disk wherever she went. Four years elapsed before God put in her hands all the elements and people needed to the realization of the disk.

Today, Isabelle is married to Pietro Ferrara and they have three children: Félix, Julie, and Samuel. They attend Église Évangélique de la Rive-Nord (Laval, Quebec), where Isabelle and Julie are involved in the praise and worship ministry. Being sometimes accompanied by Julie, Isabelle performs concerts all across Quebec. She visits both small and large churches, with the unchanged purpose of blessing, encouraging, and giving hope through music. She also testifies of Jesus saving her and restoring her broken life as well as that of her husband and children.

In 2006, she founded along with her husband Pietro an outreach organization by the name of Projaide.

In 2009, Isabelle celebrated her 20 years as a concert producer. Her series of concerts are so appreciated that all tickets for the 20 concerts of the 09-10 season were sold out within a few days.

As part of her future projects, Isabelle would like to travel to churches in the United States, France, and England.